BPI Sports B4 The Once-Daily Fat Burner, 710mg, 30-Count


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BPI Sports B4 The Once-Daily Fat Burner, 710mg, 30-Count

Jumpstart your performance and add to your workout with BPI A-HD elite capsules with ingredients specifically formulated to build muscle and increase your exercise performance. With a presence in over 83 different countries, BPI is packed with cutting edge, hardcore and mainstream products designed for improving performance, power, stamina and endurance.
Increased Strength & Performance

Energy & Stamina

Double duty sports performance supplement that keeps you focused and energized.

Unrivaled Focus & Mental Clarity

Mind/Muscle connection

Enhances motor control and motivation to train harder, longer, and more efficiently.

Increased Strength & Performance

Weight Loss

Targets those areas where it’s harder to lose fat.

Weight Management & Recovery


Perfect to take as a pre-workout before training, as a mid-day energy boost, or on non-training days for continued support of fat loss.

Workout Tips for B4™

1 – Don’t take a fat burner after 6:00pm! Due to its stimulant qualities, taking a fat burner close to bedtime could cause restlessness.
2 – Make sure you are getting enough water each day, but especially while on a thermogenic. Staying adequately hydrated can help your metabolism and support weight loss.


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